Bats in Attic

Bats in Attic CharlotteWhen doing a bats in the attic Charlotte cleanup, it is necessary to take all the precautions to prevent any exposure to health hazards. The primary objective in bat removal Charlotte NC is to safely remove the bats in the attic and prevent future Charlotte bat colonies roosting in areas such as gable vents, dormer windows, soffits, or any other construction gaps. Depending on which part of Charlotte, North Carolina and the time of year will help a bat control company in determining the proper bat removal procedure to follow. Most bat colonies return to begin maternity colonies around April and May. Depending on the weather patterns and climate in the Piedmont region, they will leave to go hibernate around October and November.

In some rare instances, a bat control specialist could find bats in the attic over-wintering. If this is the case, the bat pest control technician will have to wait until the bats in attic become actively looking for food again. Once the bats in the attic begin going in and out looking for insects to feed on and the bat removal company has verified that there are no baby bats, and then the exclusion work for the bats can be performed.

All potential bat entry points would need to be sealed with silicone, caulking or expandable foam. The primary area where the bats are getting into the attic is where a bat excluder would be positioned by a bat pest control specialist. Bats going into the attic will usually leave on a daily basis, so they should be eliminated from the attic within a couple of days. Just to be sure no bats get trapped in the attic; the excluder should be left in place for a week minimum.

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