Bat Removal

Charlotte Bat RemovalBats are surpassed exclusively by rodents as the most numerous mammals in both quantity of individuals and amount of species. There are forty-six recognized bat species present in North America. Keeping these numbers in mind, there is a high risk of conflict and the need for a bat pest control professional. This is where the bat removal experts could support you in bat pest control. We employ proven removal techniques to exclude bats humanely. A few bat species are protected or endangered and should not be injured during a bat pest removal job. Bats act as an integral part in our ecosystem by offering biological insect control.

There are many types of bat removal from house products that can be purchased over the internet, but while making a decision on what to do about bats, the do-it-yourself bat removal can be extremely dangerous when you are exposed to certain diseases such as histoplasmosis capsulatum and rabies. While choosing the proper bat abatement method, some might attempt to use some sort of bat deterrent or bat repellent. These methods have been proven unsuccessful and actually could cause you to get bats in house. The best method of do-it-yourself bat control would be to use bat eviction valves. This would eliminate any future bat droppings in the attic.

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