Bat Exclusion

Bat Exclusion CharlotteThe most common bat in the Charlotte, North Carolina area is the little brown bat. Even though this bat is not endangered, we as a bat removal from attic company are required to humanely get rid of bats. One of the most common questions that I receive as a wildlife control professional is how to get rid of bats. This is a very complex question but the best answer is to use trained professional that has extensive knowledge of bats and is licensed with the North Carolina Resources Commission as Wildlife Control Damage Agent. Bats do carry disease as well as the bat droppings. The most important factor in getting rid of bats from an attic is a thorough wildlife inspection. This inspection is not just limited to looking to rid bats of the attic but also inspecting the exterior for potential bat problem areas. These areas could be bats in the gable vents, bats in the chimney, bats in the eaves and bats in the soffit.

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